Sofa Cleaning

We are a leading cleaning company with specialization in sofa cleaning, office cleaning, move in and move out cleaning, construction cleaning, residential cleaning and carpet cleaning among others.

No matter what type of sofa you have, we will clean it precisely. We have a team of best cleaners who have hands-on cleaning the widest range of safe including High-density foam-filled cushions sofa, polyester fabric sofa, timber, webbing pring, foam, fiber sofa, handcrafted, leather, tufted and canvas stoned washed sofa. So when you choose Klarity Services’ sofa cleaning services, you can rest assured of the quality of the cleaning.

We not just clean your sofa. We restore your sofa to a brand new look without any change to its original look and feel.
And for that, we use the best tools and cleaning materials…

Cleaning materials or chemicals are a key to professional cleaning. We use only fine grade chemicals or more possible the eco-friendly ones safe to both health and the environment.

Simply removing dust and stain is not what we are known for. We aim to sanitize the products by removing bacteria and other microorganisms. We use top quality Disinfectants and sanitizers that have no side effect and are highly efficient to make your sofa free from any bacterial and microorganisms…

we use detergent specially made for cleaning the sofa. Our hand cleanser is sourced from leading suppliers contain ingredients that are highly effective in remove substances like grease from the hands. But it gentles on the wood. So the finish of the wood is intact.

Before we clean the wooden part of your sofa, we apply corrosion inhibitor. It is a cleaning substance that provides protection against wearing and scratches.

As part of the pre-cleaning preparation, we use the advanced vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other pollutants in very precise manner. Based on the fabric used in your sofa, we use cleaning substances and approach that does not affect the quality of clothing used in your couch.

Spot test is a crucial part of pre-cleaning preparation. We spot test the detergent we will use to clean your sofa. This allows us to know the solution we are going to use is to work and gentle on the outer material of your sofa.
For the sofa that uses the leather material in its exterior, we use gentle leather cleaner and dry cleaning solvent for a sofa cannot bear water.

We are customer centric cleaning company that aims to offer best-in-the-class sofa cleaning services. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance for us. So if we think, even you are satisfied, there is a possibility of doing better, we repeat the process or do what we think necessary to achieve the highest precision in cleaning your sofa.

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