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Having marble on your floor enhances the beauty of your house .It makes your house to look more attractive and pleasing to the viewers.It increases the property value if  gets polished by professionals .Dir and stains on marble floor will affect the appearance of your home.There are different types of methods that people usually used for removing the stains from the marble. However,none of them is as effective as the marble polishing done by the professionals.The first step is to identify the type of the marble as different types marbles need different treatment for polishing and cleaning.There are different types of machines and tools that are used depending on the type of marble.The main objective of our company is to clean,polish,protect and repair the marble floors.Marble is a type of rocky stone through which liquid or air may pass.Different types of acidic and alkaline elements get deposited despite of regular cleaning with detergent.

Krality Cleaning  is providing the services of floor or marble polishing.We use the effective methods that make use of the diamond and the crystalline components in order to achieve the best results of  polishing.The grinding effect of the floor polisher generates heat to a level that it produces a certain amount of heat as well as friction which initiates the diamond powder to clean all the dull marks and scratches from your surface.You can observe the shining effect on your marble floor due to the hard nature of the crystalline and diamond powder mix.Though,it will clean your surface but still sometimes few marks of the deep scratches still remain on the floor.However,we do not settle on less than perfect for your floor and the experts of our team will examine you floor from different aspects in order to identify the area that l need the further treatment.After the identification of that particular area,different types of tools are used for the repairing and the polishing will be done until that area becomes similar to the rest of the shining marble.After that the a cleaner will be used for the washing of the floor to eliminate all the dirt and components that is caused due to the polishing.As liquid and air pass through marble,it is very important to seal the marble with special types of sealing agent otherwise the dirt and the liquids like vine and juices will cause the stain again on the floor.

Our company is also providing the sealing service so that your floor will remain stain free once it is polished.It will help in keeping your marble floor clean and stain free as it creates a protective layer on the floor.Our customers always report that their floor remains shiny and stain free after the polishing process.

Klarity Services, specialize in various aspects of floor cleaning service like limestone cleaning, marble cleaning, and polishing, terracotta cleaning, terrazzo restoration, marble restoration etc.

Our experts are completely trained in the latest technology available for floor polishing and restoration. We provide various options to refurbish your damaged floors with the help of marble restoration, Terrazzo restoration, marble floor restoration, marble polishing services Dubai UAE etc.


Floor Crystallizing Service for Marble & Other Floors

Crystallization is a series of procedures involving the usage of chemicals (crystallizers) which turns the structure of the upper layer of marble. During crystallization, the crystal layer of calcium carbonate opens and destroys, due to the influence of crystallizer’s acid.

As a result of a chemical reaction which occurs between calcium carbonate and an acid, creating new compounds form. These new compounds – Calcium hex fluorosilicate Ca (SiF6) – characterized by strong hardness, which suggestively increases abrasion resistance capacity of marble and scratches.

We take best care of marble cleaning and polishing and make sure you reach a high-end marble polishing cleaning service Dubai.



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