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Klarity Services in Dubai, specialize in various aspects of floor cleaning service like limestone cleaning, marble cleaning, and polishing, terracotta cleaning, terrazzo restoration, marble restoration etc.

Our experts are completely trained in the latest technology available for floor polishing and restoration. We provide various options to refurbish your damaged floors with the help of marble restoration, Terrazzo restoration, marble floor restoration, marble polishing services Dubai UAE etc.


Floor Crystallizing Service for Marble & Other Floors

Crystallization is a series of procedures involving the usage of chemicals (crystallizers) which turns the structure of the upper layer of marble. During crystallization, the crystal layer of calcium carbonate opens and destroys, due to the influence of crystallizer’s acid.

As a result of a chemical reaction which occurs between calcium carbonate and an acid, creating new compounds form. These new compounds – Calcium hex fluorosilicate Ca (SiF6) – characterized by strong hardness, which suggestively increases abrasion resistance capacity of marble and scratches.

We take best care of marble cleaning and polishing and make sure you reach a high-end marble polishing cleaning service dubai.

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